Needed A Re-Charge: Gone Camping.

That time between Christmas and New Year’s was spent catching up with family. It was a wonderful busy time, and in ways so busy it was exhausting and I was hanging out for a rest. So for New Year’s this year we went camping at Wilson’s Promontory National Park Victoria. We packed our tent and headed off for a restful, relaxing holiday. The Prom was busy with lots of families and individuals seeking a restful relaxing holiday, the camping ground was packed.

Tidal River Camping Ground.
Tidal River Camping Ground.

We camped at Tidal River  which was walking distance to Tidal River and Norman Beach. It was very pleasant paddling in the river, and walking along the beach. We even went for a swim at the river and jumped some small waves at Norman Beach. Mighty Mouse had a great time.

We also went for a walk to Squeaky Beach and could hear the sand squeaking as we walked along it. It was a beautiful ocean beach, too cold for me to go for a swim. I did enjoy just the walk and spectacular views of the beach.

Norman Beach
Norman Beach

We also encountered some of the wild life, the park is full of wombats.  We went to see the Hobbit at the Prom outdoor cinema which was interesting but very cold, next time we will take blankets, sleeping bags and our pillows for comfort. Still it was a wonderful experience and a interesting movie. When we got back to our tent it had been broken into by a wombat, it put a big hole in our tent and several smaller holes. I was very unhappy and even a little scared. What if I had been in the tent when the wombat tried to break in? My husband laughed, yes he could see the funny side. The next night onwards we put our food containers in the car, no more wombats trying to break in. Mighty Mouse thought they were cute, and spent his time examining every wombat hole he came across. We saw a lot of wombats. Ofcourse the park was full of parrots and garlahs, and many other birds, I even seen two black cockatoos. Wilson’s Prom. is very remote and known for its wonderful wild life and walking tracks.


We had plenty of time for sitting around, reading books and simply doing nothing. It was a time away from modern living of TV, iPads , computers and Xbox games. Just  time to relax, and enjoy nature. I did re-charge my batteries, and I am much more rested from our camping holiday. I must say I am very grateful to come home to our clean comfy house. We spent New Years Eve in our tent, it was cold, very cold and we manage to stay up to midnight. Apparently Mr. Serious claimed it is bad luck to go to bed before midnight and I don’t want any bad luck for 2013. So we stayed up and brought in the New Year quietly, we told jokes and talked about the things we wanted to do in 2013. New Years Day was a scenic drive to Foster and Sandy Point it was too cold, wet and windy to do anything else.

Usually by the end of the year my energy reserves are so depleted, and I feel exhausted. I need a holiday! I need to re-charge my energy levels. January seems the perfect time to take a break and build up my energy levels.


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