Overcoming The Tiredness Of The Season Of Joy!


Tis the season to feel tired, all those Christmas parties, catch ups, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, writing Christmas cards. Oh I do feel so tired. However  I have been having a lot of fun. My tiredness is telling me to relax, take time out, escape the business of it all and refill the well. So that is what I did, I cancelled my dinner out, and today I went for a big walk around the lake.  Walking in nature is so relaxing.




The swans were out  on the lake with their baby swans all grey and fluffy, so gorgeous. As I write this blog post I have my oil burner going infusing the house with some refreshing blend oil. I also have some beautiful new age music going in the background.



This weeks Artist Date was on Monday morning before going to work. I went to Dymocks Book Store in the city. I love this book shop because it has a coffee shop in it. So relaxing having a coffee then going and looking at books. This week I managed to pick up another Christmas present. I love book shops and I love books, so I always feel good when I can browse at books, especially some of those home decorating picture books. Whilst I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful Christmas decorations in the shops, so many gorgeous decorations this year.

So today I just relax and recover because lots of beautiful business ahead of me in the week ahead. Good to see my boys so excited about Christmas and school holidays. I think it should be an enjoyable time, some how it can easily become very stressful. Trying hard not to fall into that trap, it is Christmas and it doesn’t have to be perfect and I don’t have to do everything. My tiredness was just a reminder of how stressful Christmas can be, and too not go in that direction, but take another direction, rest , relax, cook dinner, play some Christmas music and enjoy the family.

Wishing you all a great day!




3 thoughts on “Overcoming The Tiredness Of The Season Of Joy!

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