A Summer Wish

It is Wonderful Wednesday, and time for Wishcasting Wednesday by Jamie Ridler at http://jamieridlerstudios.ca/wishcasting-wednesday-what-is-your-winter-wish-3. Living in the Southern Hemisphere my question is: What is your Summer wish?

Woodside Beach Vicforia

Woodside Beach Victoria.

I love summer time, January is the summer school holidays, and the boys are off for the whole of January, my husband and myself have also got some holidays in January. So lots of family time. Also January is so relaxing it that time of year of sleeping in late, and late summer evenings. That time of picnics, trips to the beach and BBQ’s with family and friends. It that time of year were we spend lots of time outside in the backyard and garden. It that time of year I get to wind down and just chill out. So my wish for summer is for all of the following:

  • Evening walks around the lake or  along the beach.
  • Trips to the beach, crashing through waves, splashing and having fun.
  • Music and picnics in the park, may the rain and wind stay away on these evenings.
  • BBQ’s with friends and family.
  • Finding new interesting places to go to,  like Point Nepean, and Heritage Hill Museum.
  • Wearing summery girly dresses.
  • Remembering to put my sunscreen on so I don’t get sunburnt.
  • Spending time out in the garden making it beautiful
  • Growing juicy yummy tomatoes and eating them
  • Having ice creams and spiders, yummy
  • Spending lazy afternoons reading books or listening to music.
  • Nature walks on a warm evening looking for wildlife, but not snakes, I don’t like snakes.
  • Having time of work to enjoy time with my family.

I really love summer time, and all the wonderful experiences I get to have during this time, it is the most social and relaxing time of the year.






7 thoughts on “A Summer Wish

  1. Oh summer wish… I yearn for summer, although here it is white ground and grey skies. But your summer wish list… I’ll remember and visualize as it gets darker here. Thank you.

    And, may your wish come true!

  2. Your wishes are wonderful! It is winter time where I am and so very cold out. Thank you for brining a little summer time warmth to me as I read your beautiful wishes. : ) As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you.

  3. Summer is looking beautiful there – it is beautiful here…but in a chilly, white sort of way. As you wish for yourself for the summer…I wish also for you! And thanks for stopping by the mountain mermaid – it’s great to connect!

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