Wishing For Wishes!

Another Wishcasting Wednesday, Ok I am a day late this week, however I am still going to do it because it is such fun! This week Jamie asks: What 12 wishes will you wish for? 

You can find Wishcasting Wednesday at the following site: http://jamieridlerstudios.ca


12 wishes


Here are my 12 wishes the big, and the small :

  1. I wish for peace and harmony in my life.
  2. I wish to give and receive love and hugs.
  3. I wish for happy confident children.
  4. I wish to write more interesting blog posts, and take better photo’s
  5. I wish to complete my  Toastmasters Advance Bronze Communicator in 2013
  6. I wish to go for a romantic weekend away with my Hubby.
  7. I wish to go to the ballet, I have never done that.
  8. I wish to do lots of interesting activities and go interesting places every week.
  9. I wish to meet more interesting and positive people
  10. I wish to have more fun, lots of fun, yes fun every day would be nice.
  11. I wish to be more disciplined in the mornings, getting up early to do my morning pages.
  12. Finally I wish for World Peace!

There are my 12 wishes I think I could have just kept going, I now have so many wishes going round in my head. The days have been so busy lately with school activities and social events. It has been lovely , and I look fore- ward to the many events in the week ahead. However the shops are busy, the roads are busy and everyone is rushing around. It is no wonder I put peace and harmony as my first wish. In-fact the business of Christmas time makes me feel a little stressed, the over indulgence of socializing, shopping and over scheduling can put my life out of balance. I do take time out in my day to chill out and just relax. I find relaxing music helps.

Have a great day and may all your wishes come true.


3 thoughts on “Wishing For Wishes!

  1. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also!
    sending you a hug over the interwaves right now! And I wish that the holidays bring you the miracle of unexpected peace and harmony that you can wrap yourself in and soak your heart in. Sending you love.

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