She Screamed !


English: An oriental cockroach (female Blatta ...

A cockroach. Acknowledging Commons-Wikipedia


Mr Serious was not amused to see his mother scream and jump on top of him in the passengers seat of the car. His mother was terrified by the presence of a black ugly scary little crawling creature on top of the steering wheel. Then the creature  bolted for the inside of the steering wheel. She screamed more.  Mr. Serious got out of the car to go to school he was disappointed that his mother was so embarrassing. So his mum drove home to spray her steering wheel with bug spray. It did not scare her that the bug spray was probably full of carcinogenic poisons, her only concern was to kill the creature. Ofcourse she was aware that cockroaches are not dangerous creatures they don’t bite or sting. In fact that they pretty much just crawl and look ugly. However even though she knew logically the cockroach would not hurt her she was still fearful of it. Even after dousing the steering wheel with a generous amount of bug spray, the cockroach remained in the steering wheel. It was then time for her to drive to the other school to watch Mighty Mouses ceremony to celebrate going from junior school to middle school. Driving along the road the creature fell onto her lap, she screamed and swerved the car as she swiped the creapy creature of her lap. She should  have been scared of panicking in her car, swerving her car could have potentially cause her  a real injury and harm. That didn’t concern her, she was more terrified of the black crawly bug that was not going to cause her any harm.  It was totally crazy!  It amazed her that even though she could logically identify cockroaches as harmless creatures that she could easily crush with her hand or foot , that she still reacted with a strong fear reaction. Of course when she told Mighty Mouse, he just said “Oh, they are so cute!” Then he laughed when she told him she screamed and was scared. She was even surprised  by her own reaction.

Congratulations to Mighty Mouse for receiving his certificate for completing junior school, may he have lots of fun in middle school.



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