Up With The Decorations.

My Christmas Tree.

My Christmas Tree.

The decorations have been up in the shops for weeks, yet I insist we can not put the decorations up until the first of December. That is tradition for my family. The boys have been nagging me for weeks. So while I was at work , on the first of December my husband got the Christmas decorations out. Apparently the boys insisted he get them out for them. To work they went putting decorations up and decorating our tree. They were so proud of themselves.

IMG_2920Young Mighty Mouse has his own Christmas Tree and it is covered in lots of decorations that he has made over the past few years at school. In-fact the tree was a present to him from his teacher on year. Whilst his Grandmother who knows he adores teddies gave him a Christmas Rock & Roll singing mouse.  So appropriate for young Mighty Mouse.

Mr. Serious has been helping me with Christmas shopping this year, he is actually perceptive to what people might actually like. He really puts some consideration into what people might really like and find useful.  Still I have lots of Christmas shopping to do. I am glad to say I have been enjoying shopping for gifts this year.

The weekend ahead looks super busy full of catch ups and Christmas events. Whilst lots of things happening at the boys schools. It is a busy time of year, so the last few days I have just been pottering around home and catching up with housework. It so nice to have some lazy days before the busy days.

So tonight I sat down, had a candle lit meal with my boys and sipped on a crisp white glass of  wine. I sat having a pleasant conversation, listening to relaxing background music and just enjoying the boys company. Not to mention admiring Mighty Mouse’s Christmas Tree.

However now Mighty Mouse continues to ask: “How many more days to Christmas?”  Not Many  Days Now!


I also think it is so important to remain calm and friendly. So many people frantically running around and getting impatient at this time of year. A smile and some kind words makes everyone involved feel good.


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