My Wishcasting Wednesday

Another week of Wishcasting Wednesday  by Jamie Ridler at  I now look for-ward to my weekly wish.

Enjoying life

This weeks question is: What Do You wish to celebrate?

This year I have really been enjoying my amazing sparkling life. During 2012 I have made an effort to cultivate more happiness and joy into my life. I have tried to think more positively and I have tried to act more positively. I am now enjoying my home life more, and enjoying my work more. I have been socialising more and enjoying some amazing experiences. I have been practicing self-care taking myself out on Artist Dates , doing Yoga, journalling, and going for long walks. I have been happily blogging about living a joyful life.  I am doing more of the things I love to do and letting go of things I don’t like doing and don’t need to do. There continues to be
difficult and challenging times!  However the happier me is more able to deal with them. So I wish to continue to enjoy my life and to enjoy it even more next year.  I am so grateful for all the abundance and choice I have in my life. I really do live in the lucky country. So I celebrate my choice to create a joyful life now and in the future.



9 thoughts on “My Wishcasting Wednesday

  1. Congratulations! I love it when I read about people making the choice to be happy. It helps me to remember to choose happiness too! So thank you for all the times you remembered to make that choice throughout this year! As you wish for yourself so I wish for you as well!

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