Australian Gardens

 Australian Gardens Cranbourne~Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.

A gorgeous sunny Sunday!

Mighty Mouse decided the new James Bond movie was just going to be too scary.

So we sent the big boys off to the movies and we went on an excursion to Australian Gardens Cranbourne.

Stage 2 had recently been open, we were excited to go and see the new gardens.

Paddling in the wading area is not just for the little kids.

It felt really good getting my feet wet and jumping from stepping square to stepping square.

Mighty Mouse did an awsome job taking my photo.

Gorgeous designs throughout the gardens.

A new kiosk, which sells ice creams.

Yummy we got ice-creams to enjoy, hardest decision was which beautiful spot sit in  and  enjoy them.

We chose to sit under the trees overlooking the lake and the beach garden.

I love the different contrast in the gardens.

Thongs scattered through out the beach garden.

Mighty Mouse  thought they were pretty cool!

We found this interesting tree.

 Got to walk across water. This was lots of fun.

There was so much to see and do.

We had an amazing time exploring the gardens and all their gems.

There were so many people enjoying the gardens even having picnics and get togethers.

I love that we have these gardens so close by and would encourage others is the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne to go visit them.

The cost to visit the gardens is free or donation if you wish.

They were so amazing and we had an awesome time exploring them.

I love weekend adventures they make life so much more interesting.

Would love to hear about what interesting things you all got up to on the weekend!

Wishing you all a great week!


Australian Garden~Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne


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