My Wishcasting Wednesday Wish

This week I thought I would start doing Wishcasting Wednesday  by Jamie Ridler at 

What Peace Do You Wish For?

This holidays I wish for the peace and quiet of a tranquil space to sit in a chair and read a book. To listen to the gentle breeze go by and hear the birds happily chirping. To hear the waves come in and out, and even crash against the sound. This is the peace I seek if even only for a short time. Life is busy and noisy. The constant hum of traffic and chatter of people makes peace hard to come by. Whilst the month of December is always crazy busy it only seems right the January is quiet, relaxing and a time to find some peace. Come February it will be time to get back into the busy pace of life, then I will have to meditate to find my peace. Wishing everyone else’s wishes for peace come true this holiday season.



7 thoughts on “My Wishcasting Wednesday Wish

  1. Yes, life is hectic and noisy and it really is a challenge to find peace at times. Your wishes are beautiful. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too!

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