Christmas is Coming

I love Yoga Tuesday’s, it comes after 3 days of flat-out working. It just makes me feel so relaxed and full of energy. It is a gorgeous day blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and a gentle mild breeze. Real feel good weather.

Monday I ventured into the city before work. I realised it is getting close to Christmas. So this weeks Artist Date was the Myer Christmas Windows. They were just delightful and there was a crowd of families, individuals and school children lined up looking at them. As usual they were gorgeous and a delight to look at and told a beautiful story. This years story is Russells Christmas Magic by Rob Scotton. The sheep who saves Christmas it is so cute.

So if you’re in Melbourne go check out the Myer Windows it doesn’t cost anything, and this years story is well worth checking out.

Royal Arcade

It is the beginning of Christmas, and the decorations are out, I love the festive spirit of Christmas and plan to enjoy every moment of it this year. I have been awfully busy this month with medical appointments for my son Mighty Mouse, and organising things for my other son Mr. Serious new school next year. Busy, busy and hopefully all done by December. There is nothing worse than juggling medical appointments and Christmas events, and Mighty Mouse gets very disappointed when he misses out on the fun stuff. I still have all my Christmas shopping to do, looking forward to that. This year I will keep it simple and enjoy the process. I am not really big on the whole shopping scene, however I do love the markets at Christmas, hopefully I can get to one of the craft markets.

Only  one more specialist appointment and dental clinic appointment to go and they will all be out of the way until next year.I really hate the sitting around waiting part of medical appointments, it is such a drag. It is no wonder Mighty Mouse is very good a sitting patiently for long periods of time. He has had a lot of practice and so have I.

Come first of December I will be putting up my Christmas tree, and decorations. My biggest challenge will be finding a Tree Kangaroo, just a teddy not a real one.  It is amazing how Mighty Mouse thinks well Santa will know where to get one for him. It is all part of the fun!


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