The cup cake I received from the event to take home, it was so yummy.

The Event was: Icing on the Cake by Jennifer Graham



Yesterday I attended a free event at the local library called Icing on the Cake by Jennifer Graham. It was a delightful talk and demonstration about how she got started in the cup cake industry, wrote her cook book and the journey she had gone through both personal and business. She gave us lots of useful tips about making cup cakes and did a very informative demonstration of how to do some different techniques and patterns with the icing of the cup cake. I found her presentation very inspiring and informative.  It was a really enjoyable two hours. Yes I want to start making cup cakes and decorating them.

Serendipity was how I found out about this event. I had received a notice to say return your library books or renew them for another month. Ofcourse I wanted my library books longer so I went on the web site to renew them. I got distracted by the flashy banner about the event, and clicked on to find out more. Next thing I had my ticket to this event. I was so delighted, what a bonus.

I now wonder what gorgeous opportunities are out there to indulge in ? Lately I have come across events and places that have not cost me anything, however they have been so beautiful, informative or relaxing. They have given me joy and made my day more interesting. They excite me and make me wonder what other amazing things can I see, and experience. Sometimes I think it is too easy to dwell on the things I can not afford to do or have. Whilst thinking about the possibilities of the things I can do, opens me up to more abundance and opportunities.   This past year as ventured on my journey to live my life as a Happy Suburban Chick has allowed me to enjoy an abundance of free or low cost experiences. However these experiences have been rich, entertaining, informative, exciting and most definitely joyous.

So look out for experiences and events on in your area?

Hope you all have a great day!










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