Mummy Business



The morning started with one child not wanting to get out of bed complaining about his sore throat and that he was almost out of tissues. Whilst a pile of screwed up tissues covered the floor. It seemed pointless in dragging him out of bed , so I let him just rest in his bed, whilst I drag the little one out of his bed. Whilst Mr. Serious made blowing and sniffing noises, Mighty Mouse just asked why he had to go to school. I tell him because he has fun at school, and he needs to learn. Then he just asks when it will be school holidays. By 08:20 I have him on his bus, stand at the corner and wave good-bye. It is tinted windows so I don’t know who waves back, or if anyone waves back. So since my son is unwell, too unwell to go to school I take him to his future school for a fitting of his new uniform. It so professional, well fitting and just nice material, and he needs so many different clothes to wear. He will look so handsome in it and so grown up. I feel a little emotional seeing him in his new uniform.  I feel a little jealous as well, I wish could get a whole new wardrobe of clothes. However this time is not about me it is about him. Then I did the grocery shopping, after all someone needs to make sure there is food in the house. Sat down had lunch and the phone rings, apparently Mighty Mouse is sick, with a sore stomach. So off I go to his school to pick him up, I get to his school he is sitting on seat, big smile on his face, so happy to see me. Ofcourse he appears to have no problems eating or keeping his food down. I am glad he has made such a speedy recovery, as that means he will be right to go to school tommorow. I cook tea, clean up and sit down and think where did my day go? Plus in-between that was washing, ironing, and making phone calls. Whilst at the shopping centre I made some time for a reporter, and I did manage to make it on the new. I guess I am a little disappointed that I got 10 seconds of talk time and not 5 minutes. Anyway my sons think I am a star now, and have recorded my brief interview. Whilst the rest of my passionate views will go unheard, at least a tiny bit of my opinion has been heard. I am sure my mother will notice that my hair was messy and that I had no make up. She is right you always get caught when unprepared, however I could hardly turn down an opportunity to have my say. So most of my day went on doing mummy business and being me. I may only have one expensive uniform, and a 10 second interview to show for it, however it was a satisfying mummsy sort of day.

How was your day?

Did anything special happen?


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