Gusto! My Artists Date

My artist date was in the city this week. Before going to work I decided to go out on  a little adventure to the State Library of Victoria.

I love the look of this majestically old building and how the stairs led all the way up to the entrance. Inside it combines its historical look with modern ascetics. It has enticing green lawns out the front and interesting statues.

The green lawns look a fabulous place to sit eat lunch and read a book.

I enjoyed looking at the statues.Walking around examining their beauty and historical significance.

This one is so cute.

I only walked into the entrance to notice the was a free exhibition on called Gusto! I just had enough time to gone in and look.

It was all about the culinary history of Victoria.

I am just one of those Victorians who loves food.

Here is a video that explains what the exhibition is about.

My favourite part was a picture of raw food which included a cute live rabbit and beautifully colourful vegetables.

I really enjoyed exploring the exhibition that used the different mediums of

and other items on displayed

to explain the history and cultural significance of food in Victoria.

It made me realise how lucky I am to live in a place so vibrant with variety of quality food and dishes.

I am one of those people who enjoys going to a cafe for food and eating out at restaurants experiencing different tastes and new dishes.

It was a yummy way to spend the morning which was followed by a busy afternoon/evening of work.

I also realised I had only seen a fraction of the State Library of Victoria and can not wait to go back and see more.

I am loving these excursions I go on and finding new places to experience and explore. It is so interesting and so much fun.

What excursions will you go on? 

Wishing you all a great day!


2 thoughts on “Gusto! My Artists Date

  1. I’m off to the Nat. Library of Scotland next Thursday. I’ve often walked past it but always with such awe at such an imposing building that I’ve never had the courage to go in! But they’re holding an introductory evening next week for people who want to get started using their resources – which I really want to do. So that will be my next Artist’s Date. Loved your post – and love the freshness of your layout.

    • Thank-you Susan,
      Libraries have wonderful resources. I always feel like when I am in a library I am like a child in a lolly shop, so many delicious items to chose from. So have fun on your next Artist’s Date.

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