Creating a Daily Yoga Practice.

I have noticed that I am quite inconsistent when it comes to doing my Yoga practice. I just love going to my classes however when life gets in the way or just those days away from my class I am not doing my Yoga. So I was inspired by a video by Jamie Ridler, and have decided to create my own daily Yoga practice. So November is Yoga Challenge month for me, I am going to do Yoga every day in November.

Here is Jamie Ridler inspiring video, which is quite short and can be found on You Tube.

So I created my own Journal page for my Yoga Practice

My Yoga journal page

I had lots of fun creating my page. For some incentive I found some great stickers to reward myself with after I had done my Yoga practice each day. These cute Yoga Cats stickers only cost me $2 at an Uncle Bucks Store. It is amazing I have never notice them before it was just by chance that I came across them the day I decided to do a Yoga Challenge for November.

Cute Yoga Cat stickers

Developing a Yoga practice about this month is about a lot of things, it is about developing discipline, stretching myself and working on balance.

It includes doing Yoga at classes and Yoga at home, in-fact I hope to do a combination. So far I have noticed that some days I am more balanced than others. I am more able to identify when my back is getting stiff and sore before it becomes a problem.  I have also noticed that doing Yoga is making my back stronger and more flexible. I have a few back issues from injuries at work many years ago before No-Lift policies and equipment were introduced into nursing.

I have been consistent doing my Yoga everyday for the last 6 days and giving myself a cute Yoga Cats sticker each day!

Do you have a practice or habit that you would like to work on?

How will you go about putting that practice or habit into action?

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