Where has my day gone?

Adventures of how a Happy Suburban Chick spent her day.

Me! A Happy Suburban Chick

It is 9:00 pm and I ask my self, where has the day gone? It dose not seem that long ago that I woke up and contemplated leaving my cosy bed. So what did happen today? What did I do? Who was I being?

Well I started my day off with reading at 6.00 AM when I awoke to this glorious sunny day. After all a Happy Suburban Chick nourishes her mind with reading. Then I got my boys ready for school and dropped them off. I was being Mum. After school drop of I did my journalling in my morning pages, that was to nourish me. Then back to school to check out my son’s project, once again being Mum. A Happy Suburban Chick always has time for her family. After that I went to the gym to do two classes a core work out and a Yoga class. A Happy Suburban Chick exercises her body in joyful ways. After that I came home and did some house work and more washing. Housework contributes to  creating beauty and comfort in the home. After my house work I wrote two blog post. That made me feel good and helps me to be a better person as I explore the things I love about life and the things I would like to Improve. A Happy Suburban Chick is always on a journey to be a better person. Then back to pick the children up from school. I have worked out I spend two hours on drop off and pick up of the boys from school. Always a social time picking the boys up from school get to have a chat with the other mums.  Then home to unwind. This afternoon Mr Serious made us lemon & lime spiders to drink, yummy!  I cooked tea,a healthy stir fry,and took my own advice from my previous blog post. I set the table with nice place mats, lit a candle, put some nice music and sat down and enjoyed a social meal with the boys. A Happy Suburban Chick makes time to create fond memories such as pleasant meal times together.
Then after cleaning up the dishes and helping with homework, we sat down and watch the news together. We don’t always watch the news together every night, however some important news was happening in the wold, such as Hurricane Sandy. Then sent Mighty Mouse to bed and am working on getting Mr. Serious into bed. Once again doing another post. Then I can do some more reading. In bed and asleep by 10:30 pm. A Happy Suburban Chick always tries to get enough sleep.
So that’s where my day went, it was the day I created and I am happy with that. It was balanced and enjoyable, and I got to be who I hoped to be.
Hope you create a great day for yourself where you get to do the things that are important to you and you get to be the person you want to be.



One thought on “Where has my day gone?

  1. Sounds like a lovely day, Happy Suburban Chick!! We all play so many different roles in life, and it’s important to pay attention to each…this is something that has kept coming up for me today, so I’ll take it as a sign! Thank you! 🙂

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