Family Meals Together.

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I like to have the evening meal at the table together. I just like that all coming together once a day, so we can chat and just be a family. Often my husband does not get home for tea on time, so we have tea without him. So I just sit there with the boys having tea together. We talk, complain about the vegetables and talk about our day. Which usually includes statements like,’you just don’t get it Mum’ or ‘the other kids in my class………..’ Yes I am such a mean Mum sometimes by trying to get them to eat healthier and drink water. Then there is the difficulty of fitting family meals around after school activities. Sometimes they are early meals and sometimes they are late meals.


So I have done some reading and it revealed to me that there are lots of good reason to come together as a family for meals.


These are as follows:


  • Conversations that occur around the family table improve children’s vocabularies and reading skills.
  • It increases children’s conversational skills because it gives them more opportunities for communication, and open discussion.
  • It improves academic performance, this is a result of children who have mealtimes with their family having better language skills.
  • Family dinners contribute to healthy child development.It helped children to be more adjusted by providing them with stability and consistency in their life. Family meals promote a sense of belonging for children.
  • It assist to develop healthy eating habits, and children who had family meals ate more fresh vegetables, fruit and drank less soft drink.


So by simply having family meals together in a positive atmosphere which encourages all family members to contribute to open and social conversations can actually improve children’s communication skills and academic performance is certainly worth the effort. So I am going to be putting a lot more effort in having family meals in our home.  So I will be working on ways to make meals more enjoyable in the evenings, I could certainly get out some nice place mats  and lights some candles. Although Mighty Mouse always wants to blow them out, so I am sure he would enjoy having candles.


How do you make family meals more enjoyable?

What gets in the way of having family meals?






2 thoughts on “Family Meals Together.

  1. We also eat together and Dad often doesn’t make it quite in time. Still the girls eat with me and they eat everything. On the weekends they help Dad cook and we all eat together, sometime we have picnics just for fun. The girls love them, good to have one moment a day that is family time! Enjoyed your post.

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