Veggie Patch

I am pretty much a failure when it comes to gardening. I have four hanging pots of delightfully dead plants hanging in our pergola area. It always grabs people attention. However today I went out into the veggie to do some serious gardening. Last year we put in a veggie patch as I decided it was very important to know how to grow food, plus it would be nice to eat our own freshly grown vegetables.

Out with the old and in with the new. We had a lovely crop of broccoli however the parsnips were a failure or twisted and still remain stuck in the ground. The lettuce continues to grow and silverbeat grows wild. So now that it is spring I planted tomato plants this morning, two different types.I look fore-ward to a large crop of yummy tomatoes so I can make lots of tomato and onion pies. I also love the taste of freshly grown juicy tomatoes they just have so much flavour to them. Will have to think of some more vegetables to grow this summer. So if any experienced gardeners are out there I wouldn’t mind knowing what some other good spring/summer vegetables to grow.


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