A Irresistible Sunny Day!

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine everywhere, too good to resist just had to go for a walk. So off we went into the sunshine in search of joy and bliss. We were not disappointed.  Little Miss Popularity tail was wagging excitably as she met dogs galore, and engaged in lots of nose to nose sniffing hello’s. She even manage to get lots of attention from young children wanting to pat her. We walked around the lake and we walked down Suburban streets in search of inspiration. We enjoyed the great outdoors like so many other people out on this delightful day. People were walking, riding bikes and even fishing. Some were having picnics or relaxing on a park bench. It was such a gorgeous day!

Fishing on the lake

As I was out walking with Little Miss Popularity the things that came up for me where as follows:

  • The importance of conversations. Being able to walk my dog around the lake is a great opportunity to meet people and have conversations. She has an amazing ability to get people’s attention and they stop to admire her. I get to have conversations with people who I have never met before. It makes me feel like I do belong in this community. It makes the world seem a friendlier place to be.
  • It makes me realise how important it is to have public parks and lakes. People really do enjoy getting out and being in nature. They want to walk, ride, run, fish, have picnics, bird watch and children love to play in play grounds. Dogs really love going for walks to and exploring their neighbourhoods.
  • I wonder what would happen if you sat of someones’ seat in their front garden. Some people’s front garden seats are so inviting.
  •  If you walk for long enough, you start sweat and then you can call it exercise.
  • Spring really is a time for birth and rejuvenation. Got distracted by a mother duck and her ducklings. They are just so cute.
  • Mummy duck and her ducklings

    Some people’s gardens are beautiful and inspiring. I love colour , roses and cottage gardens. This one got my attention so I took a photo. I am getting more confident taking photo’s. Today I didn’t seem to concern if people thought I was weird or up to something as I walked the streets with my camera.

    Public spaces are for everyone to enjoy. When lots of people are out in then like they were today you know these places bring joy and happiness to so many individuals. Our councils and governments need to take note of this and understand the value of public places in regards to the happiness of community. Throughout our suburban communities we need places to go, relax and enjoy. I am lucky to live near lakes, parks and walking tracks.

    Today for me personally felt good, it felt good to move, it felt good to have the sunshine beating down upon me. It felt a happy day. A happy day that required not effort to enjoy all I had to so was simply step outside and look around.



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