Last night I went to my Toastmaster’s meeting, and the question was, what do you like about spring?
Yes spring is here after a long cold winter. Some days are warm and sunny, others are cold and wet. However the daylight hours are getting longer and we are getting more sunny days. The sunshine makes me feel happy. The sunny days encourage me to get outside and walk. The grass is green, all the flowers our out, the trees are getting new leaves. I don’t get hay fever so I enjoy the beautiful yellow wattle flowers. The masses of wattle looks fabulous. I love this time it means I can get out into my garden again, and tend to my plants. Finally it is that time of year where I can open all the windows and fill the house with fresh air. It is also that time of year to really clean the house and give it a real spring cleaning.
What I don’t like about spring is working on those beautiful spring days, I really wish I was outside enjoying the sunshine. It so much easier to work on cold wet days.
It is Friday night so I have to go watch a movie with the boys.
Spring is a great time!



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