Amazing Mighty Mouse

Some times I don’t like to think about reality, it is just too hard. However there is nothing like a doctors appointment for my son to spin my mind into the terrible what if’s. I take Mighty Mouse to the pediatrician and go through every single problem he has, discuss every specialist he has seen in the last year. I discuss his last lot of surgery, and future surgery. Then blood tests. Young Mighty Mouse is so brave just puts his arm out and says ” use this one.” Watches, and  stays still, and has his blood taken, pretty impressive for an eleven year old. Now we wait, we wait for the results. As much as I try not to worry, I keep thinking what if, what if it is positive for this or positive for that. It is so hard not to think about it, I try and stay positive however at times like this bits of negativity keep sneaking in.  I try spend most of my days focusing on the wonderful things he can do and the amazing happy little boy he is. Even to- day  a lady saw the sticker on his shirt, and asked if he been somewhere special. With a big smile on his face he answered yes, he had been for a blood test.  He never complains, just deals with it and gets on with his happy little life. He is so amazing.


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