Busy! Busy!




Busy! Busy! So much to get done. So many places to be. So much happening about me. It is busy and noisy, and everyone seems to be rushing through their days. Sometimes I get tired just listening to how busy other people are. Then, ” I am just stressed out at the moment”, seems to be  the catch phrase.

So I stop! Breath! I catch some deep slow breaths. That slows my day down just a little and helps me manage stress. Just slowing down lets me put things into perspective. The important things will get done and the rest will have to wait.

Sometimes I hear myself saying, “stop being lazy, get up and do some work.” However it is not about being lazy, it just about pacing myself so I can go the distance. Because if I go flat-out day in and day out eventually I will fall in a big heap. That would be unproductive and miserable. Plus I really don’t like that option. So I will continue to pace myself with joyful moments of laziness interspersed with busyness throughout  my days.

Yes I do like to be productive. However balances important.  I also like to have time to just be and saviour joyful moments in my life.

I like a little time to day- dream and do absolutely nothing.

Busy! Busy! has it place, but not every moment of my day. When busy, busy controls the day, life is so much more stressful. So I give it a place in my life and make sure to manage it with slowing down.

When busy, busy seems overwhelming I take time to breath and catch deep breaths.



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