Wish Every Day Would Be A Park Day!

 Today I thought I would re-post a post I did on my old blog Just. It has been such a lovely sunny afternoon and I have been out having lunch with my husband. 
So many thoughts buzzing around in my mind. I just had to sit down on one of those inviting park benches and write. I had been walking around for forty minutes. I had just walked past a lady saving a baby parrot who had unfortunately  fallen out of his nest. She was happily keeping guard of this beautiful creature until the park ranger arrived. My time walking around was not just admiring all the spring flowers out and the beautiful water fountain. It was admiring the fact that so many people were out enjoy life. There were couples kissing, runners running, parents with children playing, people catching up with friends even skateboards skating past. There were individuals doing Tia Chi, playing basket ball ,having picnics on the grass or simply sitting on the grass reading a book. Everyone just appeared to be enjoying themselves including me. I really love walking through the park it is always so interesting and relaxing.

I often think I wish everyday could be a park day. But why can’t it even if just part of the day, a lunch break, before work or even after work. Just a little time set aside for those simple pleasures like the park make me feel happy and content.


A great question to ask is: How can I bring simple pleasures into my life on a daily basis?

For me that would be a daily walk with my dog Little Miss Popularity.
Reading outside on a fine day or even better a fine sunny day.
Finding beautiful parks to go and walk in.
Having lunch or a picnic tea in the park or beach. Especially in the summer time.
Tending to my own garden especially my vegetable patch.
Walking in the rain with my umbrella.

What could you do to bring simple pleasures into your own daily life?


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