An All Sorts Day!

Little Miss Popularity saying walk me! Walk me!

Another wonderful day out here in suburban Melbourne, gorgeous sunny weather today, even got my jumper off. I guess today was just an all sorts day. Running around after my son’s, of to my body balance class, filling out paper work and even finding some time to walk the dog. Yes Little Miss Popularity loves her walks, she see’s her lead and runs to the front door. Ofcourse I look forward to the day when she walks straight, she tends to prefer  zig zag walking. They say pets are you good for your wellbeing! Mine tries her best to encourage me to walk, so she is encouraging me to be a happier master.

I really love the body balance class lets me stretch out all my stress and then finish off with some guided relaxation. I think it is important for me to manage my stress levels in my life. There are always going to be stressful times in my life, that is normal. I would prefer the majority of my days to be stress free. Life is so fast and has a tendency to get very busy, so it takes so effort to control my stress levels.

The spring weather did get me thinking about how active I am, yes I go to my gym classes(only the fun and relaxing ones) however I haven’t been doing a lot of walking. So I dug through my sock draw and found my pedometer. It is time to start walking. I find walking quiet relaxing and it is also good exercise. I also think I want a little more of it into my life now that we are going into the summer months. Although it still feels like winter most of the time,still waiting for a lot more of those sunny days. Found a good web site under recommended links about walking and will be aiming for a minimum of 10,000  steps.

Had to come outside to write, too noisy inside with TV’s blaring away in two room vibrating noise throughout the house. I can not think with all that noise. So I have come outside to hear the humming of the birds and the distant noise of traffic.

Have a great day.



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