Boring Burbs

Today I went for a stroll around my neighbourhood, and found lots of big houses, some mansions, mostly with none to mundane gardens. Streets that lacked energy and atmosphere. Promises of resort living which looked more like conformity plus living with a recreation room for residents and therefore we can justify calling it resort living. As for the recreation area, well it was empty, and looked rather uninspiring. It had a new pool and a tennis court even a BBQ it still lacked atmosphere, it looked clinical. Whilst I walked around I saw two people, the streets were dead, empty with the occasional car whizzing by. Finally I didn’t see a single dog or cat. Just one magpie that tried to swoop me. I felt sad and empty as I walked street after street which all lacked character and personality. I was just walking the streets of the boring burbs.

It made me ponder what does my own house say about who lives here? Dose it shine with character and personality? I even think it is a little sad and boring, which means it time for me to do something about tending to my own front garden and entrance.
I did take some photo’s then deleted them thinking I had already put them on my computer. I think the universe was trying to tell me they were not that inspiring anyway, go look for something better.

2 thoughts on “Boring Burbs

  1. I think you’re right — be the first to make your home have life! Add a small butterfly garden or fountain, a bird bath, plant some herbs in a raised garden! You can make your home your own. 🙂

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