Local Library

Hello beautiful big world welcome to Yoga Tuesday. It has been another gorgeous gloomy day here in Melbourne, we have had the occasional tease of spring weather, however it keeps reverting back to winter. So I look out my window at a sky blanketed with dark clouds, and the delightful sound of rain drops.

I do love going to my Yoga class it is so enjoyable and relaxing. It is just on of the things I do to care for myself. Self care is so important, because we can only care for others effectively when we take good care of ourselves.

I also went to the Library. I think libraries are so valuable and useful. As a Happy Suburban Chick I love to feed my mind by reading books. I do read lots of books thanks to my local library, that provides me with lots of juicy reads.  These day’s I mostly do my searches at home on my computer and put a number of books on hold that I would like to read over the next couple of months. When I go to pick up my books I get distracted by the amazing selection of music they have, magazines, DVD’s, Cd’s . It is like going into a candy store and coming out with huge bag of treats, and best of all I get them for free. Ofcourse I do have to give them back at a selected time (usually a month), by then I am ready for a new selection of items. Sometimes I just randomly select books, and music just to experience something different and sometimes it results in some delightful surprises.  I also love how libraries have special events on, and art shows, occasionally music on the weekend, and lots of information about what is happening in the local community. My local library is like a small local community cultural hub, that is there for all to enter and enjoy.

When you use a library you can find lots of materials and items to feed your mind and they are free, so I encourage you to use your local library.

I  also believe it is so important for our local, state and federal governments to adequately fund our libraries and recognise the great value they provide for local communities and society as a whole.



On the way back to my car I was a little naughty and picked some beautiful purple flowers. I couldn’t resist they were so pretty. I put them near my sink, that way they will brighten up my mood every time I do the dishes.




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