Essential oils that improve clear thinking, memory and focus.

Today I thought I would add another post from my old blog “Just”, although I have stop blogging on Just it is still out there in the blog world. My old blog wasn’t quiet what I wanted. It actually started out as a school project. However it served its purpose by helping me to learn a lot about learning, and technology especially computers. It also introduced me to blogging. This is one of my favourite and personally useful  posts.

I delight in using my oil burner to diffuse the lovely scent of oils throughout my house. The diffusing of essential oils can actually create a mood like relaxation, uplifting and even increasing clear thinking and memory.
Currently I enjoy using lavender which I find creates a relaxing mood, alleviates stress and often helps slow me down at the end of a busy day. At other times I use a refreshing blend which includes essential oils such as rosemary, rosewood, lime and basil. I find this creates an uplifting mood and helps my concentration. This is good to use to start my day off or when I sit down to do a block of work.
Then I started to wonder what essential oils could improve clear thinking, memory and focus. That way I could defuse essential oils to assist with my work, and study. So I did some research and came up with the following essential oils:
  • Rosemary: This essential oil is good for clearing the mind, promotes clear thinking, and improves memory.
  • Peppermint: This essential oil is good for relieving mental fatigue, refreshing the spirit and also is mentally stimulating and is known to improve concentration levels.
  • frankincense: This essential oil aids meditation and assists to quieten the mind. Very good to assist getting focus and clearing the mind.
  • Basil: This essential oil helps to uplift and strengthen, it is known to help overcome emotional negativity and mental fatigue. It helps to improve alertness and attentiveness.
  • Eucalyptus: This essential oil helps to improve concentration and purifies the air.
  • Lemongrass: This essential oil creates a stimulating mood.
  • Bergamot: This essential oil creates an uplifting mood.

Many of these essential oils work well together as a blend like my Refreshing Blend, another blend I came across was a energising Blend, which uses the essential oils Basil, Bergamot, Lemongrass and Peppermint.

This combination aids to uplift the mood, awaken the mind, improve alertness and improve concentration. A good combination to assist clear thinking.
Using essential oils can certainly have a positive affect on our mood and can be used to improve our everyday life. Some essential oils must be used with caution especially when pregnant. There is lots of information out there about them so be sure to look them up before using them. For me I will continue to use essential oils with purpose to enhance clear thinking, lift my mood, and even to relax when needed.



13 Replies to “Essential oils that improve clear thinking, memory and focus.”

  1. Great list! Juniper essential oil is another great one for mental clarity and focus . . . Juniper is actually my name, so I may be a bit bias here, but it is one of my favorites. Basil, juniper, and neroli make a nice mental clarity combo, too!

  2. Hey, did you use of any sources? because i have read on multiple websites that eucalyptus would improve your concentration, only every site lacks references to academic research. thanks

  3. My daughter is 17 and trying to balance college and work something she gets overcome with a black foggy feeling in her head which interfering. With her sleep and she gets headache tearful and goes very quite wr went to see the doctor and they said to try aromatherapy and whats the best one for un flogging the mind .

    1. From personal experience to relax,unwind,deal with stress and especially sleep I have found lavender oil to be my favourite. I am only a novice at using essential oils, so I don’t know the best oil for unfogging the mind. Personally during my times studying and coming home from stressful work shifts at the hospital lavender oil has, via burning an infusion, bath and even a drop of oil under my pillow case has helped. You can check out my post on it has the recipe for unwinding/relaxing bath I use and also the cotton wool one. I only use 3-4 drops in water in an oil burner. The other benefit of lavender is it an affordable oil. Lavender oil has been my go to essential oil for many years. The other thing is you can get lots of information on aromatherapy at the library. Another great resource is health shops, you can often buy blends of essential oils for specific purposes, such as relieving stress, or insomnia. As I said I am only a novice and have no formal aromatherapy training, I usually just go get some books from the library and do some research and also I have found a shop that specialises in selling essential oils and provides helpful information. I wish your daughter all the best with her studies.

  4. Reblogged this on Journaling and walking and commented:

    As for the NaBloPoMo July challenge on connecting, I can honestly say this blog is not doing much connecting at all. However my other blog, Happy Suburban Chick seems to connect much more easier. The most successful post I had on it, remains the most successful post. It was called, Essential Oils That Improve Clear Thinking, Memory And Focus. It can be found at:

    This was a post I research to help my own study habits at the time. I have always loved dabbling in essential oils and enjoy using them. I guess essential oils and clear thinking is something that people want to know about.

  5. Just thought you might want to know there is a typo in the blog. It says “lavender elevates stress,” I think it should be eliviates.

    I found this information very helpful. Thanks.

    1. Hi Meredith, the easiest way to blend essential oils is just add a couple of drops into water over a water candle lit infuser(warmer) or a electric infuser(warmer). I usually just start of with one essential oil just and see what effect that has on me. Once I know how my oils make me feel then I will start blending them. Also check out health stores, can be a great place to purchase essential oils. I often go to one or two health stores in my area to buy oils as they are very helpful in explaining the qualities of the oils, and often have pre made blends for concentration, or insomnia, relaxation etc. I hope you enjoy your experience with essential oils.

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