Poem about Suburbia

Welcome to Suburbia

Welcome to the suburban way of life

Its only living when you do it right

You wear the right clothes

And you feel like the person you’re supposed to be

It’s almost as if they were all the same really

Walking step by step

Along the line that I can never see

Never see the line to join it

You say focus on the good bits

The bad bits are all I see

If her face was the sky there would be a rainbow now

And if mine the same, a raincloud frown resides

Left Left Left Right Left

Roman numerals marking each step

leaving reality behind as you march

forward for robots, all that’ll suffer is your mind




Welcome to Suburbia

Welcome home

(Author:Katy Louise Pitcher, UK)


Sometimes it seems so hard to break away from this image. However I strive for my individuality, creativity and a move towards change. Sometimes the suburbs are just the boring burbs, where the same old same old, happens.Whilst I hate it how everyone thinks the first sunny Sunday is the best day to mow their lawns, think I will just sit out side, enjoy the sunshine, read a book and have a wine. Hopefully the noisy cars won’t drown the chirping birds out.

It has been a wonderful weekend spending time with family and relaxing at home.


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