Happier at Home project Chapter 1

October is Chapter one, Possessions of the Happier at Home Project. After cultivating my shrine I have been using my oil burner more often and enjoying the beautiful scents throughout my house, however I have not manage to do any embroidery. I have spent time looking at my embroidery and admiring all the beautiful threads and even contemplated doing a project yet I have not started.  Recently I have been trying to control my clutter, I have cleaned out my wardrobe, and cleaned down my kitchen bench which was being overtaken by paper work, and cleaned out my linen press. These were my main clutter areas, with the exception of the study but that is going to take a joint effort with Hubby.  I made folders for my bench to put my children’s important school notices in, rather than just putting everything into a big pile.


Folders for annoying but important paper work


I had great fun making these folders they are covered with bits of my son’s art work, and also some delightful school photo’s of them. I also used lots of stickers to fill in the empty spaces.


In my linen press I have started to use some big black boxes to keep things in order, I think I need to do something with them to make them a bit more colourful and interesting. However at least things look much more tidy and orderly.


Certainly reducing clutter and putting things in their proper place makes me feel happier. So shelf by shelf I continue this month until all the major areas are done. I really love have open spaces in our house, I also love order and tidiness, and I get grumpy and annoyed when the place gets too messy and have to stop everything, clean it up before I can do anything else.


So one of the quotes Gretchen refers to is by William Morris and it is as follows: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” This reminds me that I can not keep everything, and can only select a number of pieces of my children’s school work to keep not most of it, after all they have still got a lot more years of schooling. Some things I do not fit into or they just don’t suit me. A number of things I just don’t want it was just junk. Then lots and lots of useless paper work and scribbled on colouring books. Now I can at least see what we have. Plus now I have more room for the things that are useful and beautiful, and bring the most joy to my life.


Once again I have got a few post behind this blogging everyday is hard, however I hope to catch up again.










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