Exploring The Streets of Melbourne

Monday morning I took time out for my self, I took myself on an Artist’s Date before I went to work. I decided to explore some streets, shops, and even found a book shop I had been meaning to go to  for a long time now.

I found statue’s and a fountain at Gordan Reserve on Spring street near Parliament House. The garden was named after the man in the Statue here, Adam Lindsay Gordon. He was an Australian poet, Horseman, and  Politician. Whilst I just looked like a tourist taking photo’s
I found shops I had not been to before I mainly did lots of window shopping I love looking at all the beautifully decorated shop windows and even ventured into some stores. I found lots of lovely things that I would like to acquire however after looking at the price tags decided I much soon spend my money on more important things. Plus the bag I have is perfectly fine, and oodles of lovely clothes. I also got distracted by the plants they made smile and I really liked the way they looked.
 Found a lovely chocolate cafe that I would love to go to for morning or afternoon tea one day. Lots of chocolate on the menu, yum, yum! I really do like chocolate. It was in a lovely old building and looked very posh inside. I found its name it is Koko Black on Collins Street, just so I know where to go back to. Yummy!
Finally I went to the TS Bookstore (Theosophical Society Bookshop) on Russell Street. I kept saying to myself I really should go there one day and have a look.  The building it was in was old and dingy, and not appealing at all. Finally I did go and have a look and was so delighted with what I found. It was so welcoming and interesting. It had that bookstore smell. The shelves were full of treasures. It stocked books on religion, personal development, spirituality, psychology, health, witchcraft, new age and healing and lots, lots more. It also sold other stuff like CD’s, crystals and tarot cards. I will definitely go back to this bookshop and spend a lot more time exploring its interesting contents.
What I discovered from my journey was that I am not a very good photographer, however I am a wonderful tourist in my own city and had lots and lots of fun.
There is so much to see and do.

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