Motherhood and Homemaking



As a Happy Suburban Chick I strive to make other members in my household comfy and cared for. This means providing a clean house, clean clothes, cooked meals and keeping things in order. Yes housework, so attending to those domestic chores helps me look after my family and the order that comes from it makes me feel more calm and relaxed. So today I got in-touch with my inner domestic goddess and did some cleaning, washing and ironing. I think society undervalues these mundane chores, and I think they are very important to attend to.

I also took time out to be “mean ” to my children by dragging them away from the computer and taking them for a lovely long walk around the lake. Even though I have to force them to go for long walks with me they actually enjoy it. Mighty Mouse really did not want to go, then once we got half way round the lake and he found the ducks and swans he just didn’t want to come home.  I hope when they are grown up they remember the effort I went to, in order to spend time with them and be “mean” by taking them for delightful walks around the lake.

I also got to curl up in bed this morning reading a book and then do my journalling in my morning pages, the nice thing about school holidays is sleep ins and lots of opportunities to enjoy being lazy.


The career of motherhood and homemaking is beyond value and needs no justification. Its importance is incalculable.” 
― Katherine Short (at



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