Wonderful Rainbow Colour Tulip Festival

Today I had a  beautifully busy day with my parents and children at the Tesselaar 2012 Tulip Festival. It is currently school holidays for my boys and I thought it would be wonderful to get outside, see some beauty, and experience something. They are both blissfully happy just sitting at home  playing computer games and watching  television. However I thought they should be blissfully happy living life.

 To the Tulip Festival we went. It was so beautiful. Fields of rainbow colours .Fields of beautiful tulips in all different colours, with people amongst them having photos taken or just having a good look. It was such an amazing sight. I couldn’t stop smiling, and I was keen to discover everything there.The festival was full of entertainment for children. Young Mighty Mouse was immediately drawn to the animal petting farm and spent a considerable amount of time saying hello and patting every animal. He even got to nurse a bunny rabbit. Then we went on a gnome hunt to find the seven gnomes who had escaped Fairy Hollow, and eventually we found them all and got two lollies each for our efforts.

Whilst Fairy Hollow had it own real life fairy, and was full of gnomes and enchanted creatures. It had a magical wishing well, and just looked like an enchanted garden which was just full of children playfully enjoying being present in it.

Young Mighty Mouse did get distracted for a while curiously checking out the reptile area, patting a snake, and a goanna , admiring lizards and trying to locate a spider in a jar. Mr Serious even found his big smile. We then had lunch whilst the Music Man played up beat children’s songs. It was then  time for a long walk down in the tulip fields full of colour. There where also sculptures amongst the tulips we had so much fun looking at them, it was so hard to pick a favourite one.

Before we could go young Mighty Mouse insisted on a tractor ride, as soon as he saw the tractor, he continuously asked when he was going on his tractor ride. It called positive nagging, it is not can I go on a tractor ride, rather when are we going on my tractor ride.

It was a magical sunny day, full of joy and wonder .  A wonderful place that both children and parents enjoyed and had fun. We all had a really good time, and created some more wonderful memories go time spent together as a family.
We all had an amazing day a wonderful rainbow coloured Tulip Festival!

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