A Beautiful Public Area to be Enjoyed and Explored



What a sunny warm breezy beautiful spring day it has been. It has been a long grey  cold wet winter here in Melbourne this year. Glimpses of sunshine our a sign to go outside and enjoy the day,and that is exactly what I did. However I got distracted out side, my beautiful playful stinky dog wanted to jump all over me and go for a walk. I got distracted, this beautiful sunny day was an opportunity to wash the dog so I did. Then I distracted Mr Serious my eldest son away from his Xbox suggesting he should join us in going for a walk on this glorious sunny day.

I love walking over this little bridge and looking at the windmill. It makes me feel like I am in the country.

With son and dog I headed off down the lake for a long,long walk. It was a lovely walk, with pelicans, ducks and swans out swimming around. Birds singing and flitting here and there. Unfortunately the council thought it was a wonderful day to send all their workers out to mow the lawns and prune the trees. Yes they were everywhere and by the end of the day the lake will being looking the best groomed lake in the City of Casey. It is a gorgeous spot to live with lake and walking tracks to walk on, play grounds for children to play on, bird life to admire, and picnic tables to eat at. I am so lucky to only live a couple of minutes away from this lake it always makes walking so joyful.


Always plenty of ducks and swans down on the lake

After our long glorious walk Mr Serious decided that because it was such a glorious sunny day we should make spiders to drink and so we did. Actually he made them, Coca Cola spiders what a yummy treat, my favourite is lime, I think green spiders are the best.

There is an island out in the middle of this lake. There are many lakes joining up together.

As a Happy Suburban Chick I think it is essential to be able to appreciate those beautiful public areas that we can enjoy and explore. Getting out and going for a walk in nature is something that makes me happy and for a little while those singing birds even drown out the noisy cars speeding past on the nearby roads.





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