Creating a Happier Home


Today I start my journey towards making my suburban home a happier place to be and to gain a greater appreciation for my everyday life. I love my home, and I love spending time in my home. Sometimes I think if I buy a new table or a new sofa that will make it better. I don’t think that is the real answer. I think the answer is to create a happier environment that serves me and my family.   So I have started reading Grectchen Rubin’s Happier at Home book. Chapter one is called Possessions, and is about cultivating a shrine, going shelf by shelf, and reading the manual. So I have started by cultivating a shrine. Grectchen Rubin defines a shrine as ” an area that enshrined my passions, interests, and values. A shrine arranged with care. It entices people to particular activities and moods. It is a sign of dedication. “(Rubin, G. 2012, p30)
 I chose the chest of draws in my bedroom to be the place because I go to it each day which was covered in books, clothes, towels and other bits and pieces. It had become a place to be lazy and dump things. So I cleared it all away so I could create a space for the things I love. Then I sorted through all my embroidery yarns and projects and put them into my beautiful wooden sewing box and placed it on the chest of draws.  I really enjoyed going through the yarns the most, many of the yarns are from my Grandmother and Great Aunty. It was my Grandmother who taught me to embroider, I have wonderful memories of her teaching me. So it will also remind me of my wonderful memories everyday.

Inside my sewing box is all my embroidery yarns and projects.

I also got out my oil box and burner and put them on the chest of draws. I really enjoyed going through all my oils and smelling them. It was just delightful.

I love how beautiful burning my oils make my home smell.

My shrine is about seeing the activities I love and reminding me to do them more. I will get much more pleasure from them in their new spot and will see them at least twice a day. Hopefully I will burn my oils more often and complete some of my embroidery projects.
 I really enjoyed reading the first chapter of the book and feel inspired to do the chapters month by month like Grectchen did. I look fore-ward to creating a home that is full of personality, comfort, enjoyable activities and everyday moments. A Happy Home!
Gretchen Rubin book Happier at Home 2012 can be found on Amazon however I found it at my local book store, took one look at it and new it was the book I was meant to read.



3 thoughts on “Creating a Happier Home

  1. What a poor excuse for a teacher! If someone told my daughter that I’d be straight down to the classroom. I know spelling is important, but writing a story is so much fun. The spelling can be fixed! I have read a few of your blogs, keep going, they’re fantastic!

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