Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Welcome to the Ultimate Blog challenge October. My reason for doing the challenge is to motivate myself to write more. I started this blog because I had a message to write, however I have not always been confident to write especially in public. When I was a young girl in primary school I wrote my first story which was my first book and showed my teacher. I was so proud of what I had created and wanted to share it with others. My school teacher was not so pleased, she put down my work in so many ways, poor spelling, bad grammar and claimed it was not a very good story. Basically she told me not to waste time on writing stories and to concentrate on my spelling. I was only a child, and I was devastated. I also stopped writing stories.I spent many years just writing in journals for myself. I continue to write in a journal however it is nice to share some of my writing with others.  So now I allow myself to write in this blog, to explore living a fulfilling life in the suburbs, which includes some spelling mistakes, bad grammar and suburbanite stories. Writing in this blog gives me much enjoyment and I hope you enjoy reading it. I would love to hear your comments.

Sometimes it is good to get pencils out and just play!

Today was a relaxing day of housework, online nursing study, and my inner artist decided to draw a fairy in my art journal.
  Even got to go outside to grab some sunshine and do some reading.

3 thoughts on “Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

  1. Someone should smack that teacher of yours !
    Children should be allowed to express their creativity – not have it stomped all over. I’m glad that you didn’t let that deter you from writing journals and now your blog.
    I think you should use this challenge as a way of creating some nice short stories for all your new blogger friends from the challenge to read =)
    Best of luck and looking forward to your posts =)

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