Melbourne Aquarium

Yesterday young Mighty Mouse woke up and decided we were going to the Melbourne Aquarium. I was thinking it would be good to go to the movies and shops however he had a different plan. So up out of bed I jumped and into action so we would get to the Aquarium before the day was over. Finally we caught a train and made it into the city. Mighty Mouse was quiet delighted to just look out the window. Catching a train is a novelty for us.

Once we got to the Melbourne Aquarium a kind stranger generously gave us a free child pass, which certainly cut the admission cost significantly. Mighty Mouse was delighted by the penguin enclosure and stated ” the penguins they are so cute”. He was also delighted by all the fish displays, nothing was left undiscovered he insisted we see it all.  Some of the highlights was two octopuses, giant crabs, sharks, lots of different sharks and of course the large sting rays. Unfortunately not many photo’s as my camera had a flat battery. I have a bad habit of not charging it, so I am often disappointed when I go to use it and  it flashes low battery and turns itself off. Anyway we have lots of wonderful memories in our minds to reflect back upon. We spent several hours looking at all the displays and even listening to an educational talk about predators such as the importance of not sneaking up behind a sting ray and hugging it, and that humans kill way more sharks, compared to the significant small number of people sharks kill. So every time I have fishing chips I will think of those sharks swimming around. We enjoyed coffee and hot chocolate at the open fish pond, saw two amazing saw -fish and  many different types of sharks swimming around. Were delighted by the big tank display. It was such a great adventure that Mighty Mouse is still chatting about it.

Today is just a lazy day. Mighty Mouse does not want to go out he wants to stay home a play with his Xbox.

So I wish you all a great day!


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