How Time Fly’s

Busy, busy, busy, I have got so behind with my blogging.

So here is a reflective post on the previous week.

Monday Mighty Mouse’s teacher writes that I am on top of things and send signed notes back straight away. My thoughts I have to fill forms out and send back straight away or they will end up in the pile and be forgotten about forever.

Mr. Serious get good remarks for parent teacher interview. We are all proud of how hard he is trying and his good results.


Tuesday day of pamper morning at hairdressers, hair now beautiful, I can flick it and feel amazing. Wish it would last. Enjoyed reading book whilst there just wish people wouldn’t talk, it is distracting, however book really light and funny so a lot more interesting than the distracting noise around me.


Wednesday was a trip to the library and the gym. So lucky had the opportunity to see a art exhibition at the library. The artwork was done by young people from the ages of 11-21 years old. There are so many talented young artists out there. Seeing  their paintings, drawings and photographs delighted me. Art is everywhere even at the public library.

Thursday and Friday I attend to my nursing education. Which starts of with standing in the cold on dark mornings at the railway station. I get to know when the train is about to arrive by the sudden arrival of swarms of regular commuters to the platform. For them it is a daily ritual for me it is a novelty. It not bad getting on so further down the line at least I get a window seat. I sit there rather anti socially listening to podcasts on my iPod. The hour-long trip goes by quickly. I am in the city attending the ANF(Australian Nursing Foundation) annual Victorian conference. It is the first I ever been to in all my years of nursing. It certainly gave me a bigger picture of what it is to be a nurse. It also highlighted the pressing issues in nursing and health care today. It was full of interesting knowledge and studies. The speakers were all enthusiastic and interesting. I spend most of my days thinking about the specifics of my job in regards to the area I work in, the conference gave me the knowledge and inspiration to think of my job in a broader way. It helped me to think about nursing and health care in a broader sense.


Sunday we take the boys to a community fishing event at Casey Fields. We have a young enthusiastic boy teach us how to fish. The lake has just been stocked up with rainbow trout. The day is a community day to teach and encourage children to fish. It was windy and hard to stop the lines being caught in the reeds. Young Mighty Mouse was lucky and caught his first fish ever. We are all so proud of him, and he is really proud of himself. We bring the fish home and cook it. It tasted so amazing, the best fish that I have tasted in a long time.


Lots of delightful things happened over a week some were planed, some just happened, some where just simple pleasures like reading a book , watching a movie and sharing a meal together.





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