Yummy Weekend

It is frustrating trying to up-date my blog and it will not let me. It just freezes and I think I want to write now, now is the time that is convenient for me. WordPress thinks otherwise and refuses to work. So WordPress wins and I have to come back later. Not fair!

Busy weekend taxi child Mighty Mouse to his activities , checked out Frankston shopping center and brought nothing, but enjoyed muffins and coffee with one of my son’s Mr. Serious. Then came home, relaxed, read book, enjoyed home cooked meal, cooked by Hubby, and red wine. Yummy!

Sunday was busy too with trip to Church, quick walk around the lake, really needed to escape the noise of the TV and Xbox. Then quick trip to Lysterfield Lake in hope of sunshine and coffee. Got sunshine and coke, the shop was closing as usual we were too late. Anyway enjoyable way to have a coke.

I am looking fore-ward to the warmer weather so as I can go to Lysterfied Lake and enjoy walks and picnics.

Then home and out to the hotel for tea with family to celebrate my birthday. Followed by cake and party food at home. Yummy!



Overall it was a very yummy weekend. Love to know how yummy was your weekend?

Wishing you all a great happy joyful week.


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