A Walk in the Park

This week my walk took me in search of some public art. So I went for a stroll along Bridgewater Boulevard in Berwick to find this artistically crafted wooden forest seat at the Bridgewater Children’s Centre.  It was enchanting and delightful looking. So glad I got to see it.





As I walk along the path amongst the trees on this beautiful sunny breezy spring day I enjoy listening to the music of the birds. The birds are busy playing amongst the trees. I am all alone. Just me, nature, and noisy happy singing birds.





As I walked along the boulevard along the winding path I saw a small area of farm land. It was now surrounded by houses. Big new housing estates. Some cows still remained in the paddocks and a farm-house. I wonder how long will it     will remain intact. That farmland seemed like a little sanctuary, a buffer to all this housing craziness. I can already see the start of the road heading into the farm land. Sadly soon all the cows and paddocks will be gone.










As I continued walking and went over the road I found this beautiful small park surrounded by houses. It was just lovely it was a little sanctuary with a rotunda at the top and steps going down to a small lake. It would be a lovely spot for a picnic. On my way round I picked some fragrant jasmine, it smelt delightful. It was a wonderful way to spend my afternoon after a relaxing yoga class.


The week has been busy with my son’s school concert, going out for tea for my birthday, Toastmaster’s, and just running the boys around. It has also included my yoga and sh’bam which always boost my energy and I look forward to a relaxing weekend!

I will continue to search out more hidden treasures around my own neighbourhood. It is amazing the places you can find when you search for them . What hidden treasures do you have where you live?


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