Pioneer Park

Today went out for morning tea and coffee in Berwick, which was just delightful and wonderful chatting with the other ladies. Then off on my Artist Date to Pioneer Park to relax and refill the well.

After morning tea I headed off to Pioneer Park to enjoy the sunny blue sky spring day. Pioneer Park was opened in 1995 it is set on the old Berwick Primary School site. The Primary School was re-located and the old school building was retrofitted into a beautiful Cafe and National Trust Gift Shop. I just love coming to this beautiful place and going for a stroll and sitting in one of the seats.

It maintains its beautiful old charm and character and fits delightfully into the park setting. It is surrounded by a lovely park which was also created and there is a playground near the cafe. The cafe is an indoor/outdoor cafe. Although the park is small there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy. Maybe relax and read a book, today I chose to sit and enjoy some sunshine. I love how an old school site has been turned into a public place close to the shops and central wear people can just come and enjoy.

It also adds beauty and character to this small suburban town.

It was a relaxing way to start the week now back to my busy, busy life.


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