Australian Gardens Visit

Blue sky, sunshine, and a cool icy winters breeze. I get a surprise annual leave day from work.  A day to myself to go and enjoy the sunshine. I make it my Artist Date, and head off to the Australian Gardens. The Australian Gardens is part of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, Victoria. It focuses on Australian native plants and environments. It consist of some fabulous Gardens and a cafe and shop at the entrance and is now free to enter although you can make a donation in the box.

As I enter the gardens I am greeted by the amazing Red Sands Garden, its redness and aridness grabs my attention straight away. It is a striking garden.

Water Saving Garden

I spend some time sitting on a bench in the Water Saving Garden. Surrounded by the beauty of plants and artistic displays. How lucky am I. Spend time admiring the beauty and listening to birds sing.



A stream of water flows through the gardens. The bubbling flowing water sounds so peaceful. It brings me back to nature

As the water flows down over the rocks it sparkling  from the sunlight.

There is a special area for the children to kick water and splash in. How cool is that, I might try it myself when the weather gets warmer.  Water too icy today.

There is even a children’s garden surrounded by a garden of gum trees.  I love how the big tree logs make a dramatic pathway to the children’s playground and slide.

A winding trial leads me to the Dry River Bed garden. I wander through this delightful garden, which is simply, curving paths and full of natural beauty. I find a secluded place to sit, and hide away. A place to just write, listen to the birds and feel the gentle cool breeze on my face. A magnificent place to sit in peace and dream and escape the reality of my busy life.

As I walk through the gardens birds flit in and out of the bushes and fly past me in zaps of delight.

This was a wonderful way to start the week off on Monday. The previous week had been so busy organising a Toastmaster contest, working the weekend, and all the usual busy stuff of taxing children to there after school activities. Mondays adventure was relaxing and lifted all the heaviness I was feeling in life and left me covered in a cloud of delight, joy and peace. It is important for me to fill the well before venturing off into another extra ordinarily busy week. A splendid Artist Date.


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