Bushwalking and Relaxing

This wonderful weekend saw Saturday being spent as a family day. Off to Wombelano Falls at Kinglake National Park we went on a cold winters day. It was an easy short walk through the bush to the falls, where we were able to see them from a wooden viewing platform. The walk was a great adventure for the boys, as we found a number of wombat burrows and even some wombat poo.It was also a great way to get them outside getting some exercise.  We saw no wombats I guess they were asleep in their burrows. The Wombelano Falls were quite picturesque and worth going to have a look at, whilst the walk through the bush was very enjoyable. We then went into Kinglake a small rural community town to the backery and had some lunch before going home. It was a wonderful day, however it took some planning, we did have to make a purposeful decision to go and do something. I found this wonderful natural treasure and walk on one of my favourite web sites http://bushwalkjournal.blogspot.com.au which has lots of bush walks to do in Victoria. Sometimes it is just nice to get out of the concrete burbs and experience nature.

Sunday was just a restful day reading a book, washing the dog and going for a walk around the lake with our dog and my youngest son. Followed by my brother coming over for movies and tea. It was sunny morning. Just a beautiful winters day, great for being outside and getting some sunshine. Then it turned, the black clouds came, the rain came pouring down and I got hailed on by small hail stones. Melbourne weather is bizarre sometimes sunshine and hail all in one day.



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