Local Art Exhibition


The last three days I have been busy working. Saturday was a relaxed morning, sleeping in reading a book then off to work.

Sunday was a lovely bacon and egg roll for breakfast prepared by husband, then off to see some art. I went to the Old Cheese Factory in Berwick which has lovely gardens and old buildings. There was an art show on.


The art show was a mixture of oils, acrylics, water colours and even some chalk sketches. There was some lovely art journal books by one of the artist. Also a lovely note sketch book. So many beautiful and interesting paintings. I found that the pictures spoke to me , telling many different stories, and arousing many different emotions.







The exhibition was of local artists, and run by the Berwick Artist Society. It was held in a lovely warm light weather board building on a wet cold winters day. There seemed to be plenty of people coming and going.





It was a nice way to start the day full of colour and delight. Art feeds they eyes of the soul like music feeds the ears of the soul. Whilst doing something before going to work really made the weekend feel more like a weekend. It gets very boring working every second weekend when all you do is work. So it was good to add something social to the day like a small outing to the Art Exhibition.




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