Out and about.



Another day in the life of a Happy Suburban Chick. It is Sh’bam Friday so its a day of joy and fun. Listening to great music, going to my Sh’bam class at the gym,  checking out school assembly and watching a movie with the boys tonight.

Sometimes suburban life can be lonely and isolating.I often find that the streets are dead, there is hardly anyone out and about during the day. Then there is all the extra time it takes to travel due to so much traffic which robs me off social time with family and friends. Personally I love to go for walks, check out local coffee shops, go to group gym classes like Sh’bam,  chat with other Mums especially when waiting to pick kids up, and of course attending my Toastmasters night twice a month. These activities make my life so enjoyable and enable me to feel more connected to the people in my local community.

I came across this article in The Berwick Leader , ( Adoranti, K. and  Curri, D., May 2012, pg 98) The article was Home Sweet Home. It included some handy tips to get you out and about which were as follows:

  • Check out local paper and council sites for events on or community events.
  • Mix with other parents at parks, playgrounds and also I will add parents at children’s schools.
  • Join a group that shares your interests/hobbies such as golf, yoga, and knitting.
  • Get involved with parent activities at your children’s school
  • Volunteer for a local community organization
  • Invite your neighbours to a barbecue or you could have a street barbecue / street party.
  • Join a church and get involved in church activities.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend.


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