Working time!



Love my Thursday’s, I get to spend an hour at the gym doing my body balance class which is a mixture of Ti chi, Yoga and Pilates, followed by a ten  minute relaxation session. I was feeling so tired before the class, however now I have a new lease of life. Today I relax before my big evening out at parent teacher interviews and then Toastmasters. I also relax and recover from my big day out yesterday in the city doing some nursing education.

Nursing for me is my profession. It is what I do for paid work. Unfortunately being full-time Mum doesn’t pay the bills and can get a little mundane. So I try to be full-time Mum and work a little to earn some income. Of course work can be interesting,challenging and rewarding, and it breaks the my mummy rut times. It is an opportunity to get out and talk to different people and to talk about other things beside children and house work. It is an important job, a caring job, and pays well in expressions of gratitude.

Being part of a profession means constantly updating skills and knowledge. So yesterday I went and did some training for work. It was interesting and fun, and I came away felling more confident. I have tried to plan out some education courses for this year. Planning is important especially when you have children and a husband to organise. It can be a lot of extra work.  I love doing study days and education days, and I appreciate doing them so much more now.

I also appreciate that I am able to work in a way that is convenient for my family, and still allows me to spend a great deal of time with my children, I also get to work in job that is interesting and always changing.


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