Steps to make life more interesting.

Sometimes life is so busy and I get stuck in a pattern. One of the reasons I started this blog was to get out of boring same old same old patterns and create a life I really  enjoy living. I wanted life to become more interesting, and full of joy. I wanted to wake up each day full of wonder about what the following day held for me. Since starting this blog I have been enjoy life and discovering so many wonderful things about my life.

The following is a post from my old blog site Just,
Steps to make life more interesting.

Engage with a variety of people. 
I think meeting and socialising with new people is always very stimulating. It is great to mix with a variety of people and be exposed to different opinions, ideas, cultures, personalities, and hear different personal stories. I find mixing with people makes me feel alive, and opens me up to new ideas and activities. I think the world is full of interesting people. The key is to be interested in the person you are engaging with and not worry about being interesting. When I am interested in others I always find out how amazing and interesting they really are.

Add Spice to Life
There are many small and simple ways to add spice to life. For instance I often randomly pick books out to read. This ensures I read about things I would not usually chose to read about. It helps to expand my mind. I also love to randomly pick music out, now I will listen to a range of music. I often find it useful to change radio stations in the car. Now that I am getting older I don’t want to risk getting set in my ways. Also it exposes me to the way different generations speak and view the world. I love watching different movies especially foreign movies, and alternative movies. Secretly I have a very dry and dark sense of humour. Recently I watch a movie called Rubber. It was about a movie about an evil tyre. It was definitely dark humour, and I couldn’t stop watching it. I like to try different foods. Once I was the international officer for a club along with my usual activities I included social activities of going to a different type of restaurant each month to try different international dishes. I continue to try different foods and dishes today.
Sometimes it is good to try a new hobby. Some of the ones I have tried over recent years have been creative writing and Toastmasters. I still do Toastmasters. Even different activities e.g. I went and did a boot camp fitness course. I am not the sporting type but I just loved it.

This I find difficult. I feel safe and love my routines. But too much routine makes me a very boring girl and is one of the major causes for me getting stuck in a rut. This is one of the reasons it is so important to just allow for flexibility in ones life. For example drive a different way. Shop at different shops. Do something you don’t normally do like skiing or rock climbing. It is so important that from time to time we get out of our own comfort zones. It is more important to experience things than to perfect them. I always find it difficult to get out of my comfort zone, yet afterwards I always feel good.   Just doing things differently. Having an idea and acting on impulse. Changing the schedule around. Indulging in play or creative activities. It is often through those times of spontaneity that I get exposed to new opportunities.

Always be More:
I believe it is not healthy to settle in life. We can chose to grow, develop, and explore. Life evolves it is continuously changing. The journey is life. It is our job to enjoy the journey and experience it to the full.

I hope to tap into this post, get out of my rut, and get back into living a interesting life again. I welcome any of your ideas about ways in which we can make our lives more interesting. I wish you all a great day!


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