William Ricketts Sanctuary Visit.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

William Ricketts Sanctuary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This wonderful Sunday was about taking some family time and going out to explore.We took a lovely Sunday drive up into the Dandenongs to the William Ricketts Sanctuary at Mt Dandenong.

William Ricketts was an Australian potter and sculpture. His sculptures were influenced by Aboriginal culture and tradition. His philosophy  was based on Aborigingal spirituality, respect and connection to  nature . The sculptures are beautifully are integrated amongst  a eucalyptus bush setting, featuring large eucalyptus ash trees. The place has a strong sense of tranquility and a hint of mystery to it . It was a lovely stroll through the park with sculptures blended into the natural bush through out.

The was also a audio/visual program that we sat and watched which explained all about William Ricketts and his sanctuary.  Also they had a gallery display area where you could see how William Ricketts made his sculpture.

Overall the afternoon there was very enjoyable and extremely interesting.It was really good to get out and enjoy the day, much better than just lazing around the house and watching television.


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