Towards A More Balanced Life.

This is my life pie of how I want to spend my time over a 24 hour period of time:

  1. Blue: sleep 8 hours
  2. Red: family 8 hours
  3. Green: work 4 hours
  4. Purple: relaxation and fitness 1 hour
  5. Light blue: self time 2 hours
  6. Orange: financle 1 hour

As I spoke to another mother this morning who was frantic and distressed. It was a real drama in her house to get the kids up and ready for school. She was stressed and tired, and been having a bad time coming down with colds and sickness. It made me so aware of how important it is to take care of my own wellness needs, and that of my family. If  I don’t stress and illness will take over.

So today I explored the concept of living a more balanced life. I wanted to ensure I get enough sleep, and a least have an hour for exercise and relaxation. Then I wanted to spend time with my family as a mum of school age children and wife a full-time working hubby that is very important. I also wanted some self time to do the things I need to do like showering, hair and simple reading a book, having a coffee or even going for a walk, and doing my blog. Then I set some time aside for work and very small amount of time for my financial goals. It was interesting working out where I want to spend my time, and then thinking about the reality of how I spend my time. In the next week I want to actually record how I do spend my time, and may discover some time wasters, some things I do that I don’t need to do. Then I will try use my of my time attending to what I do think is important in my life. Having a well-balanced life will mean I can reduce and manage the stresses in my life , with calmness and composure.


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