Browsing The Bookstores


Monday morning was spent strolling the city streets of Melbourne . Enjoying the old buildings and their architecture, the hustle and bustle of people and looking in bookstores.





The character of the city is so delightful and always very interesting.  Although the day was overcast with clouds it was quite a nice winters day.





Some streets in the city are busy with people all trying to get somewhere in a hurry. . The energy is high so it seems exciting to be there. Then some streets are quieter and more relaxed allowing time to stop look around and enjoy the surroundings.




This is an entrance to a beautiful book store, really made me want to go in and have a look.  Also had a coffee shop on the other side. You just walk through this lovely book shop to a delightful little coffee shop. I think I might go there next time for a coffee it just looked so enticing. This was the Reader’s Feast Bookstore




I enjoyed my coffee and muffin at the Dymocks Book Store. I then move onto browsing through the many big and small book stores of Melbourne. Unfortunately I didn’t find a book however I did enjoy browsing.





A lovely way to spend a morning before going to work. 

( I work part-time  in the city and live in the suburbs.)


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