Bookshelf Review~The Luck Factor




This year I set a goal to read 52+ books for the year. That is one or more books a week. So far I have been reading one book a week.  I have recently read the The Luck Factor  by Dr Richard Wiseman and from his research and findings it shows that unlucky people can become lucky and lucky people can become luckier. Wow, I know I would just love to be lucky. This is one of those books I just randomly came across at the local library. I just had to read it. The book gives examples of lucky and unlucky people. The best thing is the author provides lots of practical exercises that the reader can use to improve their luck.
The author identifies four principle of luck these are as follows:
  1. Lucky people maximise their chance of opportunities.
  2. Lucky people listen to their hunches
  3. Lucky people expect good fortune
  4. Lucky people turn bad luck into good luck

Some of the things that came across to me was the importance of getting to know more people, and also increasing the variety of activities/places you attend. You have to go out and find opportunities, they don’t just come to you. Also listening to hunches, I think intuition is a great guide, and it is usually right. I must admit I don’t always expect good fortune I am always factoring what could possibly go wrong. Now I am going to focus on all the good things I expect to happen. Lucky people also set goals, they achieve more and have more fulfilling lives. This makes a lot of sense to me, because if your life is going in the direction you want it to go in and you are achieving the things you want to achieve then it certainly will be more fulfilling. Lastly bad things happen to all of us, lucky people don’t dwell on the bad things but look for the possible good things in the situation.

So as the author writes we should affirm our luck, so I will leave you with one of his lucky affirmations:
I am a lucky person and today is going to be another  lucky day” ~Dr Richard Wiseman
So have a great day, regards  Fran the one who lives in ‘ The Lucky Country ‘ or otherwise know as ‘The Country Of Opportunity’ Australia

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