School Holiday Fun- Sovereign Hill


Spent a wonderful day at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat Victoria, which is a popular tourist attraction of Historical Buildings and stories of the gold rush days set on one of Ballarat’s old gold digging sites.

It is just like an old gold mining city, with people dressed period style costumes re-inacting what life was like, and telling the stories how people lived and worked in those times. I could  not help but think it must have been such a hard life!


We panned for gold, looked around at all the buildings, and listened to stories about the gold rush days.






We did a small mine tour of a mine that told the story of what it was like to work in the mine. Which showed how dark, cold and wet it was. It also showed what physical hard work it was and how exciting it must have been to discover a large nugget of gold like the “Welcome” nugget.   There is no way I could have been a miner.




We watched candle making and bowling old fashion style. Travelled on horse and cart around the town. Saw the soldiers march down the main street and stop and discharge their rifles with four loud shots. Then it snowed, in front of the Victorian Theater. It is very cold in Ballarat  however we actually had a lovely dry day, and the snow was made by machines. We then went to the Victorian Theater which was lovely , and watched a hilarious pantomime called Little Red Robin Hood. I laughed so much tears were running down my eyes. Whilst my son was rolling around with laughter.

There was so much to see that my youngest son’s legs were sore from walking and still we didn’t see it all. It was a great family fun day and we all learnt a little about the Victorian gold rush days in Ballarat.